How water resistant are GoPro camera’s ?

This guy lost his friends brand new GoPro Hero cam on February 25th, 2011, while kiteboarding on the reef at Kite Beach in the Dominican Republic. Thinking it would never be seen again,the camera was found by someone spearfishing on May 11th after tumbling and tossing over sharp coral reef for 2.5 months. Luckily he put the word out to many people about loosing the camera including a post on Facebook which got him the call to check if the camera was mine. This video shows what happened, including actual footage from the lost camera. The short clip of the Camera sinking was added in later to show the moment of descent.


If you have a water damaged GoPro then we can repair it, just select your model from the list

So after 2 and a half months in sea water and not a sign of water inside we reckon they must be very water resistant. What are your thoughts ?

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