iPad Air 2 Review UK

iPad Air 2 Review UK

Whats new with the iPad Air 2

The new Apple iPad Air 2 shaves off 1.4mm from the previous version which makes it incredibly thin. The weight has also dropped to below 1 pound. The iPad Air 2 now has it’s glass fused into one layer so it decreases the internal space. There is one thing missing though, the lock/mute switch button which i use a lot and i think i will miss it more than i should. The new A8X chip is also 40% faster than it’s predecessor.


Holding the iPad Air 2

What is the iPad Air 2 like to hold ? It actually feels really light and you can spend a fair few hours without noticing it in your hands, you could even use it for everday computing.


iPad Air 2 Camera

The device has the new iSight camera installed which apparently has advanced optics hmmmm. The new features though are really cool, like the slo-mo, time-lapse videos, panorama and some other cool stuff but as an amateur photographer i already have the tools on my Mac for this plus i am not one for using cameras on these devices as i have my Canon DSLR for taking pictures but for everyday folk this is one of the best cameras on an iPad to date.

The best ipad camera on the iPad Air 2

iPad Air 2 Performance

As i mentioned earlier this device has the A8X processor which uses 64-bit mobile architecture, it improves the GPU performance by 40% and this shows on the device. It also makes playing games smoother when we tested.

iPad Air 2 graphics

iPad Air 2 Display

Apple has completely redesigned this and now the front glass is closer to the LCD which makes it look better when viewing the screen (don’t ask me how it just does). It just makes it look more realistic. The resolution however is the same as it’s predecessor 2048x1536x264ppi retina display. It has though an anti reflective coating to prevent glare.

Software on the iPad Air 2

The device came shipped with iOS 8.1 and that means you can receive phone calls and texts from your iPhone. You can also use your browsing across multiple devices i.e your iMac etc which is really useful. You can also use the device to pay for goods by utilising  the ApplePay. The device also has the fingerprint scanner software so you can keep it secure and not have to type in your passcode every 5 minutes.



We have more to come as we use the device over the next couple of days

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