Get your iPad repaired at Repairs UK

At RepairsUK we are specialists in iPad repair. We are the best iPad repair centre in the UK. Based in Oxfordshire RepairsUK deal with all iPad problems. Please do not worry if you have a smashed iPad screen or have any sort of fault as we are here to help fix an iPad with any fault. All our cheap iPad repairs in the UK are only cheap in price and not in workmanship, we keep all costs down and hand these on to you the customer so you pay less for your iPad repair.

We can now even repair most water damaged iPad’s. It’s a pain having a smashed or broken iPad, thats why we aim to complete every iPad repair in the fastest time possible so you the customer can get your device back quickly.

Why pay Apple extorniate amounts for an iPad repair when you can get it done by us for a fraction of the cost. Also if you have a smashed screen etc your Apple warranty is void which a lot of people do not know. Apple will also not cover smashed screens under warranty.

Did you know that an Apple iPad repair due to being dropped is not covered by warranty as it is classed as accidental damage ? The cost for Apple to repair an iPad which has been dropped varies from £170 – £220. We repair all out of warranty ipads at competitive prices.